Report Concerns

All contacts listed on this page are for non-emergencies only.  For emergencies, including safety concerns for members of our community, call Cornell Police at (607) 255-1111 or dial 911. For immediate health concerns, call Cornell Health at (607) 255-5155.

If you are a victim or target of a crime, harassment, discrimination, bias, or hazing …
If you are concerned about someone’s well-being …
If you have witnessed questionable activity that may be illegal or unethical …

Help is available; you have options. Please reach out and talk with someone. Information below on:

Concerns about someone’s physical or emotional well-being

Consult with:

Witnessed something suspicious

Call the Cornell Police at 607 255-1111. Or pick up a Blue Light or other campus emergency phone.

Reporting bias, harassment or discrimination

Complete the “Report an Incident” form or email (please be aware that this is not an emergency e-mail address).

Reporting sexual misconduct or gender-based discrimination

Review your reporting options at Cornell’s Title IX web site.

Reporting a possible hazing incident

File a hazing report or review information about hazing, law, policy, campus violations, etc., at

Speaking with someone confidentially

The University offers a number of confidential resources for individuals who are seeking support, counseling or information about resources and options, including filing a report or compliant, after an incident of prohibited conduct.

In most cases, your concerns will be kept confidential. Only those who need to know will be informed. In circumstances when there may be a public safety issue or risk of harm, the university may act in order to keep you and others in the Cornell community safe.

Reporting possible violations of Cornell’s policies

Options for resolution

Concerns may be resolved through informal interventions, mediation, or as a result of a formal investigation. Formal investigations generally will take place only as a result of your decision to file a formal complaint about what happened.