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Public Service Announcements

Cornell is fortunate to have a rich tapestry of voices and experiences to illustrate the concept of our caring community. These PSAs were recorded in 2012, but they continue to express our caring community in action.

Marcella Cabello
former student, Industrial and Labor Relations
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Matt Carcella
Alumni Engagement Officer
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Marianella Casasola
associate professor of human development, former faculty-in-residence in Mary Donlon
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Ken Clarke
director, Cornell United Religious Work
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Aminta Liu
student, Biology and Society/Asian American Studies (Arts and Sciences)
president, Asian and Asian American Forum
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A.T. Miller
associate Vice Provost for Academic Diversity Initiatives
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Jane Mt. Pleasant
Associate Professor, Department of Horticulture and former director of the American Indian Program
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Erin Sember Chase
Assistant Director, Student Disability Services
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Ulysses Smith
Diversity & Inclusion Strategies Lead, Department of Inclusion and Workforce Diversity, and former student, Urban and Regional Studies (Architecture, Art, and Planning) and Government (Arts and Sciences)
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Shawkat Toorawa
Professor of Literature, Department of Near Eastern Studies
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kathy-zoner-85x85 Kathy Zoner
Chief of Police, Cornell University Police
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Gorge Safety Information

Watch Caring Community videos on CornellCast.